3.1.2 Illness

Review Vocabulary: sick, head, arm, leg, neck, hand, foot, back, tooth, finger, shoulder, knee, toe, elbow, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, face, eyebrows, hair
New Vocabulary: sore throat, headache, broken arm, cold, toothache, stomach ache, fever
Question:  What’s the matter? What was the matter? What’s the matter with her/him?
Answer:  I have a ______. I had a ______. She/He has a ______.

Lesson Plans:
3.1.2 Illness Listening Lesson
3.1.2 Illness Speaking Lesson
3.1.2 Illness Writing Lesson
3.1.2 Illness Reading Lesson

Learning Materials:
3.1.2 Illness Flashcards

Previous Lessons:
2.1.3 Body
1.2.2 Faces 2 (Plural)
1.2.1 Face 1 (Singular)


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