3.2.4 Workplaces

Review Vocabulary: teacher, student, doctor, farmer, chef, nurse, police officer, firefighter, salesperson, singer, soldier, driver, hairdresser, astronaut, artist, engineer, programmer, football player, director
New Vocabulary: theatre, hospital, school, farm, restaurant, police station, fire station, market, salon, space, stadium, office
Question:  Where does a/an ______ work?
Answer:  A/An ______ works in/at a ______.

Lesson Plans:
3.2.4 Workplaces Listening Lesson
3.2.4 Workplaces Speaking Lesson
3.2.4 Workplaces Writing Lesson
3.2.4 Workplaces Reading Lesson

Learning Materials:
3.2.4 Workplaces Flashcards

Previous Lessons:
1.3.3 Jobs
2.2.2 Jobs
3.2.2 Career


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