3.3.1 Counting Objects

Review Vocabulary: notebook, pencil, book, book bag, ruler, desk, chair, eraser, pencil case, stapler, pen, paper, colored pencil
New Vocabulary: classroom, window, whiteboard, scissors, marker, pencil sharpener, bottle of glue, bottle of whiteout, roll of tape, rubber band, paper clip, magnet
Question:  How many ______ are in the classroom?
Answer:  There are ___ ______ in the classroom.

Lesson Plans:
3.3.1 Counting Objects Listening Lesson
3.3.1 Counting Objects Speaking Lesson
3.3.1 Counting Objects Writing Lesson
3.3.1 Counting Objects Reading Lesson

Learning Materials:
3.3.1 Counting Objects Flashcards

Previous Lessons:
1.5.1 Objects
2.3.1 Objects


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