3.3.3 Schedule

Review Vocabulary: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, English, Thai, Art, Math, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, o’clock, noon, midnight, quarter to, quarter past, half past, am, pm
Question:  When do you study ______ this week? When did you study ______ last week? When will you study ______ next week?
Answer:  I study/ studied/ will study ______ on ___________ at __________, on __________ at __________, and on _______ at ________.

Lesson Plans:
3.3.3 Schedule Listening Lesson
3.3.3 Schedule Speaking Lesson
3.3.3 Schedule Writing Lesson
3.3.3 Schedule Reading Lesson

Learning Materials:
3.3.2 Time Flashcards
2.3.3 School Subjects Flashcards
1.7.1 Days of the Week Classroom Materials

Previous Lessons:
3.3.2 Time
2.3.3 School Subjects
1.7.1 Days of the Week


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