3.4.1 Dinner Set

Review Vocabulary: chicken, pork, fish, noodles, rice, fruit, vegetables, water, milk, tea, coffee, orange juice, soda, watermelon, dragon fruit, star fruit, jackfruit, papaya, oranges, bananas, mangoes, crab, curry, shrimp, clams, soup, papaya salad, grilled chicken, fried eggs
New Vocabulary:
cup, mug, plate, bowl, spoon, glass, tray, fork
Question:  What do you need? What did you need? What will you need?
Answer:  I need a ______. I needed a ______. I will need a ______.

Lesson Plans:
3.4.1 Dinner Set Listening Lesson
3.4.1 Dinner Set Speaking Lesson
3.4.1 Dinner Set Writing Lesson
3.4.1 Dinner Set Reading Lesson

Learning Materials:
3.4.1 Dinner Set Flashcards

Previous Lessons:
2.4.2 Ordering Food
2.4.1 Fruits
1.6.2 Ordering Drinks
1.6.1 Food and Likes


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