3.5.1 Community Places

Review Vocabulary: house, pond, jungle, farm, theatre, hospital, school, farm, restaurant, police station, fire station, market, salon, space, stadium, office, next to, behind, on top of, between, in front of
New Vocabulary:
home, shop, temple, post office, bank, clinic, community center, bus station, near, far
Question:  Where do you live? Where does she/he/nickname live?
Answer:  I live ______the _______. He/She/Nickname lives near the _______.

Lesson Plans:
3.5.1  Manmade Places Listening Lesson
3.5.1  Manmade Places Speaking Lesson
3.5.1  Manmade Places Writing Lesson
3.5.1  Manmade Places Reading Lesson

Learning Materials:
3.5.1  Manmade Places Flashcards

Previous Lessons:
2.5.4 Animal Habitats
3.2.4 Workplaces


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