3.5.3 Vacation Places

Review Vocabulary: house, pond, jungle, farm, theatre, hospital, school, farm, restaurant, police station, fire station, market, salon, space, stadium, office, home, shop, temple, post office, bank, clinic, community center, bus station, sugarcane field, rice field, guava farm, potato field, cornfield, tamarind tree, grape field, rambutan farm, sunflower field
New Vocabulary:
mountains, sea, park, forest, river, bridge, waterfall
Question:  Where are you going? Where did you go yesterday? Where will you go tomorrow?
Answer:  I am going to the _______. I went to the _______. I will go to the _______.

Lesson Plans:
3.5.3 Natural Places Listening Lesson
3.5.3 Natural Places Speaking Lesson
3.5.3 Natural Places Writing Lesson
3.5.3 Natural Places Reading Lesson

Learning Materials:
3.5.3 Natural Places Flashcards

Previous Lessons:
3.5.2 Community Places
3.5.1 Manmade Places
2.5.4 Animal Habitats
3.2.4 Workplaces


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