3.6.1 Activities

Review Vocabulary: walk, run, jump, swim, play, cook, dance, fish, read, sleep, eat, her, his, our, their, your
New Vocabulary:
talking to my friends, doing homework, watching a video, listening to music, riding my bicycle, learning English, nothing, cleaning
Question:  What are you/they doing? What is she/he doing?  What am I doing?
Answer:  I am ___________. He/She is __________. They/You are __________. Nothing.

Lesson Plans:
3.6.1 Activities Listening Lesson
3.6.1 Activities Speaking Lesson
3.6.1 Activities Writing Lesson
3.6.1 Activities Reading Lesson

Learning Materials:
3.6.1 Activities Flashcards

Previous Lessons:
2.6.2 Hobbies
1.8.2 Stating Ability


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