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Classroom Management Strategies

Team Point System: Split students into teams at the beginning of each month. Award teams points for following the classroom rules, volunteering in class, practicing English outside of class, and during activities in class. With four teams, the winning team would earn 4 stickers/stamps, second place 3, third place 2, fourth place 1. The team with them most stickers/stamps earns a prize.

Fill Up the Jar: Give each class a jar. Add a rock/marble into the jar when everyone in the class is following the rules, paying attention, completing their homework, etc… When the jar is filled or has a certain number of rocks/marbles give them a reward.

Teacher & Student Points: Give students points when they are following the classroom rules, volunteering, helping their friends, etc… Give the teacher points when they are not following the rules. At the end of class give a sticker/stamp to the students if they have more points than the teacher. When they reach a certain number of stickers/stamps give them a reward.


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