ASL Phonics

ASL Phonics

Phonics Checklist
Phonics Checklist
Print for each class studying ASL Phonics. Write in the activity before each lesson and then give it a checkmark after completion. 

Unit 1: ASL Phonics Alphabet

ASL Phonics Alphabet Flashcards
Week 1: Alphabet A-C
Week 2: Alphabet D-F
Week 3: Alphabet G-I
Week 4: Alphabet J-L
Week 5: Alphabet M-O
Week 6: Alphabet P-R
Week 7: Alphabet S-U
Week 8: Alphabet V-X
Week 9: Alphabet Y-Z
Week 10: Alphabet Review

Unit 2: Short Vowel Sounds
Phonics Flipbook
Week 11: Short A, CV Blending
Week 12: Short E, CV Blending
Week 13: Short I, CV Blending
Week 14: Short O, CV Blending
Week 15: Short U, CV Blending

Unit 3: CVC Blending
Phonics Flip Book 
CVC Flashcards
Week 16: CVC Blending 1
Week 17: CVC Blending 2

Unit 4: Long Vowel Sounds
Long Vowel Flashcards
Week 18: Long A (ai)
Week 19: Long E (ee)
Week 20: Long O (oa and oo)
Week 21: Long I (ight)

Unit 5: R-Controlled Vowels
Bossy R Flashcards
Week 22: Bossy R (ar)
Week 23: Bossy R (er)
Week 24: Bossy R (ir)
Week 25: Bossy R (or)
Week 26: Bossy R (ur)

Unit 6: CC Blending
CC Blends Flashcards
Week 27: CC Blending

Unit 7: Digraphs
Digraphs Flashcards
Week 28: Digraph (sh)
Week 29: Digraph (ch)
Week 30: Digraph (th and wh)
Week 31: Digraph (ng)

Unit 8: Short oo
Diphthongs and Short oo Flashcards
Week 32: Short oo

Unit 9: Diphthongs oi and ow
Diphthongs and Short oo Flashcards
Week 33: Diphthongs oi and ow

Phonics Practice for Teachers


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